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nemo chen

meet the ARTIST

nemo chen (陈薪旭) is an artist focused on lens experiments, including still and moving image art, AIGC Arts, and image installations. After obtaining her bachelor's degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she now divides her work and life between Chicago and multiple cities in China. Her works have been exhibited at venues such as the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan, Italy, the CICA Museum in South Korea, the Chicago Fine Art Salon, the Epoch Art Museum, the Lishui Photography Festival, and the Beijing 798 Art District. Her works are featured in The Artling and have been specially selected for the Surrealist Photography Collection. Featured works and artist interviews have been published in over a dozen international media outlets and publications, including Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE China, Cosmopolitan, and more.


Chen's experiments often center on the infinity and boundaries of individuals, as well as the fluidity emitted by different individuals under ever-changing circumstances. The interplay between the external world and one's inner self is the motif in her experiments. She describes her artistic exploration as a personalized narrative and conceptual expression using light as the primary medium. Drawing from her personal experiences and moments of self-awareness, she aims to address some unsettled questions in her artistic narratives.


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