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Exiled Body

The series “Exiled Body” represents a fresh experiment in AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) with an image series. In light of the ongoing development of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on society, it compels us to ponder what defines our humanity and how we perceive beauty in the context of our times. My artistic journey led me to delve into the intricacies of my community, unearthing profound and intimate narratives intertwined with beauty, body, and the enduring echoes of trauma. Based on the results of my survey, I developed my imagination for specific physical characteristics that recognized as strengths and weaknesses broadly. The resulting image series embarks upon a dialogue that explores how our physical attributes and social milieu shape our perception and definition of beauty.


In the process of experimenting with AI tools, I started to reflect on why we use AI to present real-life problems, and what is the relationship between AI and reality. Isn't producing images through the lens a more direct solution? Within my experiments, I embrace AI-generated content as a medium for reinterpreting moments that exist solely within the recesses of memory, devoid of physical actualization. These imaginative moments, confined to the realm of the mind, possess a transient nature, susceptible to the passage of time and the vagaries of recollection. I considered the utilization of a tool that relies upon the fortuitousness of algorithms and unadulterated flights of imagination may serve as a more sincere and organic solution compared to the deliberate staging of a particular photographic scene. Through this approach, A.I. becomes the carrier of elusive moments, breathing new life into the intangible.

“被放逐的身体(2023)“这个项目是基于人工智能生成内容(AIGC)的全新图像实验。鉴于人工智能的不断发展及其对社会的深远影响,它迫使我们思考是什么定义了我们的人性,以及我们如何在时代背景下感知美。什么是美? 带着这个问题,我深入研究社区的复杂性,挖掘与美、身体和童年创伤的持久回响交织在一起的深刻而亲密的叙事。我对被广泛认为是优点和缺点的特定身体特征展开了想象。 由此产生的图像系列展开了一场对话,探讨我们的身体特征和社会环境如何塑造我们对美的感知和定义。


在尝试使用人工智能工具进行创作的过程中,我开始反思为什么现实世界中那些悬而未决的问题需要用人工智能的方式来呈现?用镜头生产图像难道不是一种更为直道而行的方式吗?人工智能和现实之间的关系又是什么?有别于我其他的摄影项目,在这次的实验中,我将人工智能生成的内容作为一种材料,用于重新解释仅存在于想象中的、长期存在于记忆深处却缺乏物理现实的时刻。 这些富有想象力的时刻仅限于心灵域场,具有短暂性和流动性,容易受到时间的流逝和回忆的变幻莫测的影响。 对我来说,与设定一个具体的摄影场景相比,使用依赖于算法的偶然性和纯粹的想象力的工具可能是更真诚和有机的解决方案。 通过这种方法,人工智能输出的内容成为难以捉摸的时刻的载体,为无形的事物注入新的生命。

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